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Siemens and EATL (Eastern Alberta Trasmission Line), and WATL (Western Alberta Transmission Line) - Siemens, a multinational enterprise is installing 500 KV HVDC transmission lines in Alberta, Canada. This project is utilizing newly invented technology to read on...


Wall-Mart Case Study - In 2004 Sacramento Engineering Consultants was approached by Wal-Mart to engineer fire protection plans for a California Store as they had continual difficulties in obtaining fire protection plan permits. Wal-Mart was very pleased with the service we provided. Since that time we have engineered fire protection plans for over 130 stores in dozens of states read on...
Fire sprinkler design has traditionally been a design/build portion of projects. However, building departments are requiring fully engineered plans with building submissions and not allowing deferred approvals of the fire sprinkler plans. Building departments are also becoming much more demanding of fire sprinkler designs. These factors have made fire sprinkler plans engineered by a fire protection engineer necessary.

Sacramento Engineering Consultants has two registered fire protection engineers and a project manger with thirty years of engineering experience as a design/build contractor. This fits perfectly the requirement for practically designed plans with professional engineering input.

We have provided fire sprinkler engineering for large new 100,000 square foot plus office buildings and tenant improvements of a few hundred square feet. In each case our practical engineering of systems create plans which represent the most cost effective method of providing fire sprinkler protected buildings.

We also engineer alternate methods of fire protection such as foam, FM200 and CO2 systems.